Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell is an Air Force spouse, mom of three, family meal expert, and serial connector.

While studying pediatric nutrition in graduate school, she met and then married her now husband. However, traditional employment has proved challenging in remote locations while growing a young family.
As a military spouse, Heather has leveraged the connections, networking, and volunteer opportunities in the local and national community to not only continue to grow in her career, but also to cultivate her passion for serving fellow military families. Heather believes the foundation of mission readiness and family resilience starts at home through intentional relationship building around the meals together.

Over the years through continuous connection opportunities, Heather’s expertise in pediatric nutrition, experience as a young military family, and employment history have helped her stand out as one of the leading experts in the complexity of food insecurity in the military.

Today she serves in a variety of advisory and SME roles to multiple organizations in the fight against military food insecurity.